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How to order!

How to make purchases to our offices in The UK, Germany, USA or Spain:

To make a purchase please follow these steps:

1) Register @ and agree to the Terms and conditions, you will recieve an ID number and a mail for confirmation.

Линк към общите условия (Terms and conditions)


2) Please add  to your address book in your mail accounts -, ... we have feedback from clients that some of them filter our mails as spam!!!


3) Register to the online store of you choice, enter our address as your delivery address and your ID before your first name and address line 2.


4) You will be notified by mail for each change of the status of your package as follows:

  • when your package arrives at our warehouse in the UK, DE or USA and is proccesed;
  • when your package is loaded and depards on the way to Bulgaria;
  • when your package has arrived and unloaded in Bulgaria;
  • when your package is proccesed and ready for collection or for you to set a delivery option;


 If you can not enter your ID before the first name, please enter it after the address or in "address line 2"; example: (GGBG 1234).

 Complete your purchase, just make sure the delivery address is entered corectly before confirming the payment and your order. 


To receive a shipment to our UK office:


(ID and Name): 1234 JOHN DOE

(Address): Big Yellow GGBG, Ashton road

(Address Line 2): GGBG your ID


(County): ESSEX

(Post Code): RM3 8NF

М: 07466 795 655


Working hours (Local UK time):
Monday - Friday:
10.00 – 18.00h.
10.00 – 15.00h.

To receive a shipment to our office in Germany:

Vorname(First name): Your ID and name

Nachname(Last name): nameGGBG

Straße / Nr.(Street / Number): Landsberger Allee 63, Abteil 2404

Straße / Nr. (2)(Address Line 2): Abteil 2404, GGBG (your ID)

Postleitzahl - (Postal Code): 10249

Ort/ Stadt(City): Berlin

Land(County): Berlin Bundesland

Firmenname - (Company Name): GGBG (your ID)

М: (+49) 01767 3366403


Working hours (Local German time):

Monday to Friday:
10.00 – 18.00

It is important to enter the full address exactly as shown. If the entry form does not allow you to do so, please contact our Sofia office before ordering!

To receive a shipment to our office in the USA:


(ID and Name): 1234 JOHN DOE

(Address): 2411 West Sumac St

(Address Line 2): GGBG (your ID number)

(City): Rogers

(State): AR - Arkansas

(Post Code): 72758

М: +1 (479) 640 2259



За да получите пратка до испанския ни офис:

(Nombre, Apellidos / Name, Family name):  Your ID, Name and Family name - 1234 John Dough (These ID  and names are only an exmple)

(Calle Nr./ Direccion, Street, Nr. / Address): Calle San Cesareo, 31, nave 17

(Codigo postal, Postal code): 28021

(Localidad/ Ciudad, Place/City): Madrid

(Region/ Provincia, Region/Province): Madrid

(Pais, State/Country): Espana

(Linea 2 de direccion, Address line 2): "GGBG" and your ID

(Numero de telefono, Telefone number): You can use your phone number. If it's not suitable, you can use 0654379290


Working hours (local Spanish time):

Monday to Friday:

08.00h – 14.00h and 17:00h - 19:00h